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We are a vibrant community of women committed to uplifting one another to thrive in life, and be good agents of socialization at home and change agents in all spheres of life.


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LiFT believes in prayer. Our annual prayer summit brings women together to pray for themselves and their families.


Lift's goal is to equip ladies as possible with vocational skills, programming or social skills, to enable them to create or find jobs, or be better at any craft.

Community Projects

Living a life of impact is all that matters and at Lift, we uplift other ladies, children and poor families to experience happiness and peace.

"As women, we can thrive in any situation or circumstance, rather than just surviving. Our rightful place at the top is undeniable, but it all begins with our mindset. We are good enough, skilled enough, smart enough."

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In the field of medicine, there are individuals who transcend the boundaries of their profession, becoming true champions of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Dr. Khadija Owusu, an award-winning leader, international speaker, and junior doctor, is standing out as one of these remarkable trailblazers. 

From her experiences as a medical student in the UK to her impactful projects such as AKAYA and Melanin Medics, Dr. Owusu has dedicated her life to empowering young ladies, aspiring medics and breaking barriers.

“Representation will create medicine that saves lives” – Dr. Khadija Owusu

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